Thank you very much to all the people who gave a speech, a poster presentation, or attended the “Adapting forests to climate change” symposium that we organized these last two days! The symposium was attended by 150 forest and climate change experts from Europe and elsewhere in the world, these two days were dedicated to sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences and drawing imspiration from each other.

We will very soon publish the oral and poster presentations on the symposium website, as well as the list of people who attended the event.

A very warm thank you to our co-funders who made this event possible: the LIFE Programme, the Occitania Region (who also let us use their amazing Assembly Room as the symposium’s venue), the Hérault and Tarn Departments, and of course the Parc naturel régional du Haut-Languedoc, the Centre National de la Propriété Forestière and Alliance Forêts Bois. We really hope that this event will not be the only one of its kind, and that another structure or project dealing will forest and climate change will be interested in carrying on with the symposium in the years to come. Let’s make it a regular international meeting!